The fourth attempt of Zinaida Kolmogorova


Shvetsov Petr

MaterialOil on canvas
Size169,5 × 299 cm
2 000 000 ₽
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Peter Shvetsov presents his research into the frontiers of painting on the example of one apparently very simple theme - a landscape with a swamp. The texture of the painting undergoes a check on its ability to convey the depth of a waterlogged quagmire in which opinions and ideas get bogged down. An initial impulse for work has been given by the popular scientific book  N.Sukachyov "Swamps, their formation, development and properties", which has been published in Leningrad in 1926.

For this reason "Swamps" is not a series of paintings in the strict sense, but a circle of  works united by a single theme,  by the initial desire to observe in maximum proximity the etymological essence of the swamps, its picturesque depth.


Dmitry Ozerkov