From the "Summer dress" series



MaterialOil on canvas
Size150 × 150 cm
1 600 000 ₽
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In the last decade, Tobreluts has been working a lot in painting and experimenting with multi-angle
(lenticular) printing of digital images. A new series of her abstractions became part of a joint project with Mitzej Jankulowski — the exhibition "Transcoder. Before and after Media in Abstraction" for the North Macedonia Pavilion at the LVIII Venice Biennale. 
"And I make a picture in a computer program, in the light, and build lighting sources there. If earlier painting was based only on natural lighting, now the artist has the opportunity to build his own fantasy world. There may be several suns, moons, new laws of chiaroscuro and unexpected effects appear. You build a three—dimensional world — first you build a frame, a grid, as in sculpture, then you stuff the mass, stretch the texture, and then you come up with a lighting source, set the warmth to the light, choose the light range — in general, you build an unreal world. 
I paint pictures in the traditional way. I transfer the drawing to the canvas and then reproduce the object created on the computer. It turns out to be a post-media painting. My task is to unite the media, while preserving the tradition, so that painting gets additional visual opportunities."