Gorshkov Ivan

MaterialComposite sheet, mixed media.
Size50 х 60cm.

“A Crystal of Pure Craziness” is a complete artistic gesture which is the source of a mysterious alchemic process of transforming ordinary things (workshop painting, memes and pictures from the Internet, items of furniture and everyday use, children’s toys, party accessories and so on) into works of art. He transforms and transfigures the nature of the thing and its physical state to attain the perfect finish and extreme beauty of an object. Trunks grow luxurious tar and stone sculptural details in emerald and amber patterns, noble bronze flashes with a warm, deep sheen, the surface of aluminum shines in cold abstraction….

Like a monstrous melting pot, the crystal “fuses” the things that enter its aura into a quintessence of all imaginable and unimaginable elements, and this fantastic combination of different visual cultures, images, sources, materials, languages and phenomena is quite impossible to understand.

At the entrance to the gallery space where “A crystal of pure craziness” is displayed, several chameleon gargoyles hang above visitors’ heads as a warning. Huge, fearsome and unshakeable, are they protecting what is inside? Or are they protecting us from it? Gorshkov acknowledges the incredible power and danger that the “Crystal” contains. He knows that once you have encountered it, you will never want to leave it.


By Alexei Masyaev.