Pound №2


Pushnitsky Vitaly

MaterialMixed media on canvas
SizeD 73 cm
600 000 ₽
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Vitaly Pushnitsky again works in a tondo format: all the pictures are made on a round canvas or carry the image of the circle, which always travels from series to series, from work to work. The tondo form does not impose on the viewer’s perception, has no contextual restrictions and acts as a unifying principle in the presented works — a kind of return to simple forms. From Pushnitsky’s point of view theidea
of a contemplative perception of the world is the most natural and effective for the artist’s position in relation to what is happening – ideas that are too rational are not suitable for artistic practice. Vitaly Pushnitsky, artist: "Contemporary art has become a narrow professional field, for which one must be equipped not only with a specialist inventory of explanations, articles, training, context, but also a kind of instructor — the artist himself or a competent curator describing what the viewer sees. However, paintings and drawings, visually the least traumatic genres for the viewer, are an attempt to return the person to the contemplation of what is happening."