"The Book of Fire" series Part 13, 14, 15, 16


Kustov Vladimir

MaterialColor photo, plastification
Size50 × 50 cm (each part)
450 000 ₽
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In this series, the circumstances of the photography are vital. The exposition is as follows: a musician beats a large handmade drum brought from Buryatia, close to a flame. Since the drum creates a powerful sound wave, an element of air and sound hits the fire, which responds to different intensity and types of sound with a unique configuration each time. This is basically a documentary of the dialogue between the two elements and the dialogue between the musician and the artist that is held in a metaphysical dimension. Here, photography is not just a means of recording reality, but a metaphor of the artist's viewpoint, which is able to capture something invisible. Of the more than 1,000 photographs taken, 64 were selected and arranged in blocks of 4 images, which trace the overall rhythm and the particular tonality of an utterance, supported by a variety of anthropomorphic, zoomorphic and phytomorphic images

Valery Savchuk