Darkness as usual


Akhmetgalieva Tanya

MaterialOil on canvas
Size70,5 × 60,5 cm
300 000 ₽
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"I will tell you a little spooky fairy tale about illusions, transformations and suddenly closed circles. The Poisonous Berries is the first series oil painting in my practice. Images born over the past year and a half. This is a personal diary, a daily stream of consciousness, news, dreams, someone’s laugh behind the scenes, fear, scraps of words frozen in the air, letters to nowhere, questions, answers, secret signs, flickering of lighthouses, flights, electricity, flashes, fragments, incredible coincidences, dips and intersecting lines. Everything is twisting in a crazy carousel. Bright and cheerful colors lure into a made up Paradise, but immediately deceive and turn into monsters of anxiety, pain and danger". Tanya Akhmetgalieva