Spasms and cramps


Akhmetgalieva Tanya

MaterialWatercolors on paper
SizePaper size: 100 × 70 cm. Framed: 115 х 84,5 cm
370 000 ₽
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The new graphic series of the artist Tanya Akhmetgalieva is the time machine, an itinerary list and at the same time an observation diary, created in Basel and specially for Basel. Symbols and objects organized inside this visual map are fragments of reality marked on the route as lighthouses or markers and signs in order that one could find the way to crypt, treasure trove, forgotten or abandoned by the guest during his trip. In her works, Tanya Akhmetgalieva recreates reality from dreams, from reverie, from memories, collecting them from everywhere and building up a collection of treasures. This collection reminds us about childhood, where everyone had their own “hiding place”, where the most important items of value of the owner were kept. Such hiding places or treasury is small secret for a child. In adulthood, these are already getting to become enigma which is not appropriate to share with anybody.