Human project.“Fear” version. №10


Ragimov Kerim

MaterialPaper, watercolor
Size21 × 29 cm. Paper dimensions 72 × 102 cm
245 000 ₽
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Author's biography

2008. Paper, watercolor. 21 × 29 cm. Paper dimensions 72 × 102 cm.

Kerim Ragimov has devised anonymous group portraits in paintings and drawings, on the basis of media images.

He scrupulously reproduces a particular scene found on the pages of mass publications.

In 1994 Ragimov started working under several projects that reflect his interest in photo-based art: “Human project”, “Metro project”, “Ambulance+metro”, “Roadoff”.

The heroes of ‘Human Project’ (the program series in the artist's career) are connected by a specific emotional state — by pain, joy, anger or pride. Kerim Ragimov asks the question: what is humanism in the era of mass media, when an event no longer exists but is created when history lacks a priori certainty, when it is constructed before our very eyes by the media.

In 2007 the works from the cycles “Metro project” and “Human project” were enlisted in the Ice Cream catalogue by Phaidon. The book provides the list of 100 most perspective artists of the modern era, which were selected by the top worls curators.