Delay action bomb I


Akhmetgalieva Tanya

MaterialTextiles, embroidery, threads
Size50 × 50 × 18 cm
350 000 ₽
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In this series, Tatyana Akhmetgalieva presents new video works and textile motifs in her recognizable embroidery technique. Left alone in the gallery space, the viewer becomes immersed in thought about the present day and tries to temporarily turn off the endless flow of information crashing into his life, but is this possible? The irregular power supply, the intermittent flickering light, the hanging wires of thread, and the “red hot” telephones intrude on his personal space again and again. For Akhmetgalieva, the lightbulb is an image of bright hope and solitude. It is not by accident that a chandelier lights up our lives, while the tele_phone and tele_vision (from the Greek root τῆλε – “far away”) shed light on the events occurring in it. In the novel 1Q84, Haruki Murakami wrote about how the telephone in a certain sense functions as a time bomb, which is extremely difficult to handle in the stream of information. What are we waiting for and expecting? Sounds and signals reach their targets, often distorting reality, and it becomes nearly impossible to recognize the true meaning of received information in the age of information wars.