"Field of Dreams" series. 03.


Gorshkov Ivan

MaterialCanvas, spray, oil, felt pen.
Size60×40 cm.
75 000 ₽
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The drawings, paintings and objects in this series were created using the artist's signature method of "find and improve": the artist mixes prints, oil paints and stickers, creating a multi-layered tautological collage. Inside, they feature separate digital collages – "photoshop contests".


The name of the project refers to the fable "The Dragonfly and the Ant", though it has been changed beyond recognition. It's as if we begin with a story about a grasshopper and an ant, but then the subject changes so drastically that we lose the thread of the narrative.


The artist uses "photoshopped" images as a special technique and adds it to the traditional painter's toolkit, alongside the line and the spot.

It functions like a special "extra-charged" brushstroke. Including "photoshopped" images and internet pictures in paintings is an attempt to make "laughs" do serious business, to harness the fun into serious art.