"Tubers" series.


Marakulina Asya

MaterialWatercolor on paper.
Size39 × 28,5 cm. Framed 40,5 × 30 cm.

"...With the help of my artistic practice, I try to understand and feel some common patterns by which nature and man live, how we influence each other, how we shape each other. Living through my personal experience and at the same time observing the world around me – people, nature, the city, I find visual and poetic parallels that are embodied in universal schemes, lyrical cartography. I am concerned about the beauty and tragedy of life, the order and constancy of its flow, in which the brevity and uniqueness of each individual
moment sinks. Working in the genre of landscape, revising it
traditional forms I try to comprehend the world in which I am and of which I am a part. Using various means and techniques – graphics, painting, video, animation, fabrics, I create landscapes that border between the imaginary and the real... "

Asya Marakulina