Occam’s Razor. #175


Pushnitsky Vitaly

MaterialReady-made, mixed media
Size12 × 13,7 cm
60 000 ₽
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"Occam’s Razor" is a brand new project, and in order to understand where it came from it is necessary to go slightly back in time, when in Pushnitsky’s art, mainly directed towards the study of figurative painting, there appeared strange geometric objects from the series "Dynamic Structures". These objects are very simple and are built into the structures like cubes from children’s construction sets. Moreover, they are deliberately made out of the most simple and accessible building materials: aerated concrete, plasterboard, polystyrene, chipboard, and dolomite marble sawn into
bars. What is strange is not the fact that they appeared (he has frequently used various textured and light objects in his art), but that the objects of this series had no subject, they pared the visuality right down to the skeleton, to the simplest basic form.