On the street


Kazakov Boris

MaterialWood, pyrography, lacquer
Size117 × 80 mm
35 000 ₽
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Boris Kazakov is an artist who imbues technology with
mythology. His chosen technology is animation drawn on
paper and film, and now burned into wood in the "Doctors/
Huts" project. The fancy name for the wood burning technique
is pyrography, although no one in the popular Soviet hobby groups ever heard of it – they just created folk fringe art. For this handmade "drawing" technique, Kazakov created a saga about technological society's struggle against the pagan witch huts with chicken feet. The huts themselves are visitors from the future (even Vadim Ovchinnikov painted them), and the totalitarian civilization of the doctors is our obsolete past, the dead grasping at life. The doctors patrol the neighborhood of huts behind the barbed wire like soldiers in the film "Stalker".

Ekaterina Andreeva