"Piece from 2010 (2)". From the "Insight" series


Marakulina Asya

MaterialOil on canvas
Size30 х 24 cm
60 000 ₽
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"Insight is a revelation that may occur during the psychoanalytic therapy. After having experienced it, I created a series of works (graphics, painting, objects). A year later, in my studio, I gathered them into an installation by arranging all the objects on the principle of multiple semantic and visual reflections. In this two-day exhibition, all the details were interconnected, and a viewer could link them with a mental thread. The life of things could be followed in several continued states, for example, potatoes growing in pots were an object for still lifes hanging on the wall. The author's text was an important part of the exhibition. There I described in detail the day when my insight happened. The text was supplemented with an audio track, in which I read a diary entry made shortly after the event. The voice sounded in a small, dark room, it existed independently from the objects of the installation and was a separate direct evidence: it immersed the viewer into the atmosphere of what had happened. By watching, reading and listening, the viewer could realize how these works were created, that here in the studio they were made and presented in the immediate context. This installation could exist only inside the studio, where everything happened, and the space itself is an eyewitness and a part of the work. «Insight» is a story about a tectonic shift in consciousness, about powerful internal changes, that are hidden from prying eyes, but, nevertheless, are the most significant". Asya Marakulina.