"Squirrel". From the "Insight" series


Marakulina Asya

MaterialOil on canvas
Size40 x 30 cm

"Insight is a revelation that may occur during the psychoanalytic therapy. After having experienced it, I created a series of works (graphics, painting, objects). A year later, in my studio, I gathered them into an installation by arranging all the objects on the principle of multiple semantic and visual reflections. In this two-day exhibition, all the details were interconnected, and a viewer could link them with a mental thread. The life of things could be followed in several continued states, for example, potatoes growing in pots were an object for still lifes hanging on the wall. <...> «Insight» is a story about a tectonic shift in consciousness, about powerful internal changes, that are hidden from prying eyes, but, nevertheless, are the most significant". Asya Marakulina.