"Suspense" series Hainan, Haikou


Parchikov Tim

MaterialC-Print mounted to plexiglass
Size120 × 180 cm
Edition1/5 + 1 AP
750 000 ₽
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The association of photography with death and crime appeared almost as soon as the new technology became available – if not physically, then at least as a concept. This point is important to keep in mind when we are talking about Timothy Parchikov's photographs grouped under the general title "Suspense". Parchikov views his experiments in the context of the evidential paradigm. His pictures are rich with
references to what has happened, or what is going to happen,
although they don't directly speak of the unfortunate result or
the imminent danger. This is, in fact, suspense – that feeling
of "hanging there" that is usually accompanied by rising minor
chords in the movies.

Valentin Dyakonov