"Crows" series. №1, №2


Kustov Vladimir

MaterialCanvas, pigment inks, varnish, acrylic, Ultrachrome K3, ARCHIVAL Pigment Print
Size40 × 199 cm. (Each part)
350 000 ₽
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In terms of the technical aspect, this is a series printed on canvas and then covered with lacquer, with numbers painted in acrylic on top. Mixed media. The pictures were taken in Ceylon over the Indian Ocean. Photos are grouped in blocks of four-part graphics, compositionally arranged in a single line. The artist took several hundred shots over the course of three weeks. What at first glance seems surprising to our visual experience is the norm for Ceylon, where the Black Crow –
as the locals call these birds – feeds on small crabs and other
animals when the tide is out. Although Ceylon crows are smaller than ours, they drove the seagulls away from the coast, and as if reasserting the meaning of the verb "to crow," they loudly boast of their domination over the shoreline

Valery Savchuk