Lingerie landscape II


Tsykalov Dimitri

MaterialOil on wood
Size24 × 41 cm (Framed: 52 × 57 cm)
600 000 ₽
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Like a counterpoint to a powerful preamble, the second part of the exhibition is almost intimate in its shape and content, modeled after a fashion boutique where you can find shirts, ties and underwear. Here, among other things, works from the "Lingerie" series will be displayed. 
"Underwear — lingerie — is an object to cover our Biblical nakedness, a metaphor for delicacy and tenderness, that turns into an instrument of torture, an object both sacred and damned. The project uses a marquetry inlay technique. The objects are cut from thin sheets of different wood veneers, torn, and then pieced together. Torn edges, cracks, and wood splinters are used for creating the objects. Subtle patterns are formed out of different stocks of wood veneer. Miniatures with erotic scenes from classical paintings, combined with torn edges and splinters, function as totems that should protect a person from chaos and atthe same time pave the way for his destructive ecstasy," the artist explains.