The landscape with tiger


Begalskaya Vika / Vilkin Alexander

MaterialMixed media on canvas
Size130 x 200 cm
700 000 ₽
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The artists are creating their own poetic world. And we can see that in this world they are equalizing very different characters, even the inanimate ones. The knight-insect, the flower, just painting texture that suddenly is blowing up or the the strangely dressed character is coexisting with the abstract painting. We are contemplating the total mix of everything, deanthropomorphizing, denial of all that might be antropocentric; everything is being so equaled that sometimes the characters are falling through the painting. The poetic component makes this combining of incompatible possible. The overarching idea behind the project “Rafflesian”, which was displayed at Marina Gisich Gallery in 2016, is a picture of perennial returnings, the blossoming and dying of painting, akin to rafflesia. We can see how the artists are revealing this concept in the further painting works up to this moment.