Ursa Major


Morozov Alexander

MaterialTempera on gessoed panel
Size48 × 71,5 × 3 cm
650 000 ₽
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Their physicality is exaggerated by the sharp disjunction between the form of a kite and the material, boards on crossbars with oak dowels (to prevent humidity to bend the wood). First of all, the complex shapes of the boards call to mind the traditions of conquering the higher spheres, these “snake-like” curls-envelopes after hundreds of years of evolution have become a form of sending a message, that ideographic writing which a Homo habilis, a man skilled, in metaphysics possesses. “I create a thing, my presence embodies the tangible experience of addressing the sky – a cosa mentale of a human being” says the artist. In this project it is also important the process of merging into one single work the immediate (the digital source of the images) with the timeless (the icon). The date the image was taken is saved in the digital file, the source code of both the tempera works and the large pictures. In order to combine the single artifacts into a single semantic field the author sets plastic coordinates: the highest point of heavenly radiance is a light object, and the most terrestrial is gravel