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Tsikarishvili Alexander

SizeVideo. Duration: 03^06 min
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Alexander Tsikarishvili, artist and curator, co-founder of the group “North-7” and “Jonjoli Flowers”, represented within the walls of Marina Gisich Designing her new personal project “Golem and Rusty Car”. In it, the author, known for his total installations and signature techniques, works with earth and textiles, bringing together, rereading, reassembling, analyzing and illustrating his texts created over the past 20 years. Until this moment, the poetic creativity of the artist was manifested in various projects only fragmentarily, and was unknown to the viewer, even those well acquainted with his art. As “illustrations” of the text, its expansion in space and time, Alexander Tsikarishvili uses various media: video and the author’s method of audiography, “talking” sculpture, collage 3D graphics and found objects. Transforming a spatial galaxy into a total three-dimensional collage of memories, images marking the current period of history flashing before the author’s eyes, Oberiut absurdist mixtures, layers and tautologies, how to try to create a multidimensional map of the figurative and conceptual system of creativity, revealing to the viewer your own mechanics of the collage method , growing from the text. Golem and the Rusty Car is a project in which the author, in essence, turns to the reassembly of a personal archive, connecting a wide variety of artifacts, while the lyrical, deeply personal nature of the story is paradoxically woven into a total text that becomes a transcript of historical collapses, movements and mutations.