#9. From "If you want I can disappear" series


Akhmetgalieva Tanya

MaterialWatercolors on paper
Size60 × 80 cm. Framed: 77,5 х 97,5 cm
280 000 ₽
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"All these works are united by cross-cutting themes that constantly arise in the works of Akhmetgalieva - illusions, stratification of reality, doubling of images, flickering of meanings." In my works, a person seems to live as a rough draft, a sketch, which only in the future will have to acquire a finished form ... "- says the artist , but in fact the whole world in its actual reality for her is a sketch that has yet to find itself. In the constant search for form and endless refinement of the contours and coloring options, the artist's favorite “Twins” (2018) are born and mutate beyond recognition, getting new incarnations , the most simple and common objects. Berries grow thorns, tender lips hide fangs, a semi-abstract plant blooms with the head of a bird. " Katarina Lopatkina