#1072 from series "Targets".


Bogomolov Gleb

MaterialMixed media on paper, collage
Size70х89 cm
700 000 ₽
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Gleb Bogomolov was one of the artists in whose works new plastic codes were formed and an artistic system was born, uniting the canonic language of the past and the symbolical allusions of modernity in an original representational structure. One particular feature of the creative interpretation of history in the art of Bogomolov is its romantic perception, regarding the distant past as a subjective psychological experience, the dominant of which is Russian Orthodox culture. All other semantic layers in his works are developed and revealed on the basis of the images and meanings of Orthodox tradition. This brings the artist to the most important aspect of his creative concept -- achieving an harmonic consonance between the modern outlook and time-honoured art, the indissolubility of the aesthetic sense of our time and canonic artistic realities.