Alexeeva Marina

MaterialMixed media
Size42 × 46 × 40 cm, 2-channelled video, 1 interior
1 400 000 ₽
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Events unfold inside a small real world. The simple actions and reactions of those who live inside are simultaneously their fantasies concerning what happens (animation). The drama of what happens is an organic union of real things with events, that happen in time, achieved by use of digital techniques. Unlike words in previous series, the world has now become fully three-dimension. Events unfold in a sequence, step by step, in one and the same interior, but at the same time the events happen simultaneously, as in real life where there is no answer to the question: which comes first, the chicken of the egg? The four faces of the cube make it possible to track the actions of the characters in turn by looking in at the windows and to follow what is happening inside