Enjoyed the moment and threw bricks with enthusiasm


Chelushkin Kirill

MaterialGraphite and mixed media on canvas
Size180 × 180 cm
1 950 000 ₽
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Many events that seemed important and even landmark, marking a milestone in history, have in fact turned out to be quite insignificant. Moreover, they have had no effect whatsoever, apart from creating legends. Such as aeronautics. Airships. Even though the airship industry has been thriving, airships have not been used by the military industry or civil aviation. Ans the pathos of the conquest of the moon is still incomprehensible. The many sacrifices of testing the limits of human capabilities. This constituted the meaning of human lives, completely filling the existence of generations with pathos. In the dry residue we often have only an artistic reflection of these events. Legends, rumours, heroic images, but often nothing at all. So it is not a question of recording heroic things, not of documenting events, but of creating myths, stories and legends. This is how a way of life is created. We will never know the details.