Vitaly Pushnitsky. GARDEN.

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Vitaly Pushnitsky (b. 1967) is one of the most famous Russian artists of his generation. Born in Leningrad, graduated from the Academy of Arts, lives in St. Petersburg. 


Pushnitsky is primarily a painter, but he also works with a wide range of techniques - from print graphics to video installations and NFT. 


The Garden is the artist's first book. It is neither a memoir non fiction, but rather resembles an ancient oriental treatise on art, written by the author with today's view of the world, in which witty interpretations of ancient myths coexist with lyrical discourses about the nature of matter. 


The "Garden" has a form carefully thought out by the artist: about fifty picturesque illustrations were created simultaneously with the text itself, and form a kind of parallel stream of its content in the book.